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    • admin Post author

      Hi Bennie,
      First, make sure that you have downloaded the Annoying RINGTONES app from the Windows Phone Store and not the Annoying SOUNDS app. After you have downloaded Annoying Ringtones, press and HOLD an image for a few seconds. A popup menu will be displayed saying Save As Ringtone.

      Once saved, the sounds are available through your phone’s settings menu, or by editing one of your contacts.
      Thanks for the great question.
      Rhino Monkey support team

    • admin Post author

      The good news is that you can use our sounds for custom alarms. And who wouldn’t want to be woken up by an air horn or a screeching monkey?

      But unfortunately, the Windows Phone platform does not allow users to install custom sounds for text and email messages. We’d love to provide this feature. This is not a limitation of our application, but of the phone itself. And while we love the Windows Phone platform, we’d love to see this feature added.

      Rest assured that we will allow using the ringtones for text and email notification as soon as the platform allows this feature.

      In the meantime, let Microsoft know that you’d like custom email and text message alerts by voting for the feature here: Windows Phone Feature Suggestion Site

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