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Breaking News: We have just released our latest Windows Phone ringtone app with more than 140 funny, high quality ringtones for your phone. Use them to amuse and delight your friends, family and pets! It’s free, it’s fun.
You’re going to love it! Guaranteed clean fun for the whole family! All sounds are high volume, high quality and digitally re-mastered. You’ll see how our sounds stand apart from the other poor quality ringtone apps out there!



Now available in the Windows Phone app marketplace!

Use these fun ringtones to annoy your friends, family and pets – they’ll love you for it!

Turn the volume up, sit back and enjoy the best sound board app of all time! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wet your pants. Sounds include everything from squawking chickens to psychotic laughter! The trumpeting elephant and screeching monkeys will make you feel like you’re with them in the jungle. And the babies are FULL of funny surprises.

Other favorites include a car alarm, dogs barking and silly snoring. And yes… of course we’ve included a few rude sounds as well. Plus many more… you’ll just have to try it out to hear them all!

Guaranteed clean fun for the whole family!

Check back for more new exciting Windows 7 Phone apps coming soon!

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